At Gym*

One session


Package of 5


Package of 10


*Price does not include gym membership

Private on Location*

One Session


Package of 5


Package of 10


*All complimentary outdoor training sessions must be used within time frame of purchased package

Semi Private Training*

One Session

Rate per hour session for you and a friend.


Package of 10


*Price does not include gym membership


All cancellations must be done through Acuity Scheduling.

  • If a personal training session is cancelled 12 hours or less prior to the scheduled time, T ROE Fitness reserves the right to retain 50% of the class value. 
  • If a personal training session is cancelled 2 hours prior to the scheduled time, T ROE Fitness reserves the right to keep 100% of the class value.


Josh H

Josh H.

I have achieved more physically cross-training with Thomas than I have with any other personal trainer.

Eric H

Eric H.
President/CCO Deustch LA

I am 49 and in better shape now than in my 20’s and 30’s thanks all to Thomas and TRoe Fitness.

Navy Seal

Eric S.
Navy Seal

If there was a bell I would’ve rang it… Nah, if I didn’t ring the bell in BUDS I wouldn’t ring it with T Roe, but the last time I got a kickass work-out was with the Seals, and T Roe is just as intense. Thanks, brother

Nicole R

Nicole R.

I thought I was in great cardio shape until I started training with Thomas. His circuit training classes are always challenging and ever changing.

Chris W

Chris W.

6 weeks after brain surgery, my doctor cleared me to begin training for marathons again – all credit to T Roe Fitness.

Danielle P

Danielle P.
Celebrity Trainer

Being a celebrity fitness trainer and model competitor, I am always striving to become better at what I do. The workouts are great and keep things diverse, in turn, it kept the body guessing. Although, I was feeling a little winded you both encouraged and pushed me to FINISH! It is not only going to make me better but, is helping me with my conditioning and toning my physique even more. Thank you and I cannot wait to see you all at the track…

Cooper H

Cooper H.

I have used trainers in the past but this works for me differently because the workouts are FUN as much as they are INTENSE.  When I started I couldn’t finish most of the activities, but I was cheered on by Thomas and the group and felt really supported.  It is like we are all in this together, like a team, cheering each other on and encouraging each other to push ourselves to the MAX.

Kim G

Kim G.

I lost over 15 lbs training with Thomas preparing for my wedding and have found a new appreciation for cross-training.

Jeff G

Jeff G.

Lost over 30 lbs, boxing, slide board, agility ladder and circuit training. Thomas helped me structure a fitness, nutrition and diet plan then helped me stay focused to achieve my goals.

Joseph S

Joseph S.
Student, 18

I’m still so thankful for all the hard work you did with me last year. As pathetically cliche as it sounds, you actually changed my life… so thanks again! I went from 206lbs. to 145lbs. from a size 36 to 29!